Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Cow Drawer

I'm not sure how to upload a video. In principle I do but our connection is reeeaaally slow and frankly I'm too lazy to try, get halfway through and have the connection dropped. So here's the link instead.

I love this guy. If you can't get the link its basically Sir Ken Robinson saying how school can kill creativity. He's very funny and eloquent.

Aaaaanyway, this is all by the by. But it reminds me of a story told to me by my good friend Musa.

We were out and about in dusty one-horse Chipata town. He pointed to a rangy sweaty man shovelling stone into a big blue truck. He started laughing.
"I went to school with that guy" He said.

One day, at school, they were asked to draw something and when the teacher went round to all the pupils to see their drawings, this guy, (lets call him Eric, I can't remember his name) had a blank piece of paper in front of him.
"You haven't drawn anything" said the teacher, cross.
"Yes I have" said Eric
"I don't see anything"
"It's a cow" said Eric
"Don't be stupid, boy, there's no cow here" said the teacher
"Yes there is. He was eating all the grass on the page, but he's finished it all and now he's wandered off"
"You are a very stupid boy; Draw something else"

The teacher came back later and Eric had scribbled the whole paper black, with his pencil.
"What's this?" the teacher asked. Even crosser
"It's the cow. He's back but now it's night time and you can't see him"

He got into big trouble. And now here he was twenty years later shovelling stone for a living.

Picture Window with rainbow


Val said...

and the moral of the story is...dont trust paper cows?

Angela said...

I`ve never heard of Ken Robinson before, but he is great! And true in everything! And oh, poor creative cow drawer - he deserved better! Wasn`t he BRAVE?

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Great story - I think the teacher was crap. They sure CAN kill creativity. Imagine, instead of shovellng stones he could be exhibiting cows (or non-cows) in the Tate Modern maybe????

Shiny said...

Look at that rainbow!

I love stories like that and so wish that I was clever to think like that. He sounds so clever, I wonder why he landed up shovelling stones? Or maybe that's clever too.


JoeinVegas said...

With rainbow - nice

Val said...

maybe they werent rocks?

Anonymous said...

Poor Eric...but then perhaps the conversation of rocks is more interesting than that of teachers...

tam said...

tree trunks must be brown

Lori ann said...

cows are difficult to draw, i must remember to draw mine in the night too.

Miranda!! your package arrived!! it was waiting for me when we returned home from our mini holiday. THANK YOU!! So cute, and all there, not a bit of damage in the lot!! i love them and am sorry i've horribly lagged in sending my package to you. it is on the way now. Thank YOU!!

XXX lori

Limner said...

Laughing hard here! The student stone shoveler was so creative. He could have been a writer, an artist, or a politician. He's wasting his talent unless he's going to use those stones in a sculpture. See? He has whetted even my imagination! Lovely piece.

Anonymous said...

A winner of the Turner prize without a doubt! Thanks for the email - many many sniggers about that.....!

Miranda said...

Mud- glad you liked the e-mail. heheh, still laughing!

Limner - hi, thanks for the visit! Popping over to yours now...

Lori - wow, that was quick! Its been on my desk, addressed and waiting to be posted since December! And I finally got round to it a couple of weeks ago. I'm impressed it took so quick!

Tam - ha! Yes. "This is NOT the Voortrekker monumnet"

Rob - hmmm, perhaps so!

Val - oooeeerg, maybe!

JoinVegas - was very chuffed with rainbow in picture window!

Shiny - yes indeed, maybe shovelling stones in good. Least he HAS a job. And maybe he loves it!

Mom - ya, gzactly. Not all teachers. But lots.

Geli - isn't he great!