Friday, April 2, 2010

Pinch and a punch

This date thirteen years ago an old man left this world and a new girl, his granddaughter, came in. Happy birthday beautiful cousin Ruby. And Bonkar, we miss you still!

My mother and her man are packing up the car for the long trudge home. I mean for the exciting adventure home. There was talk of driving to Kilwa, down the coast, off on an adventure, but the car is seriously tired and I think they’re sensibly going to leave that for another day.

Just came back from a quick trip to Zanzibar. But I’m sure you’re all starting to get rather bored of pictures of dhows and words from that spice scented island. In case you’re not though, here are some more! Pictures that is. The words are being little hermit crabs again (I see a pattern forming here. Come back from Zanzibar and the words stay behind. Hmm).

Anyway, started writing this yesterday and must just post it already. And wave my mother and her man off. Bayeeee. For now.

Picture window


Angela said...

Are these Janelli`s horses? I wish you and Pam and all of yours could wave to us through that window! What a lovely time together you must have had.
Happy Easter, all!

Angela said...

Hans and I have met Norman, being our host in the Valley, so we know why and how much you must miss him. I wonder if you can still buy his beautiful and wondrous book "Return to the Wild"?

Lemon Gloria said...

Um, Miranda, it's not that I will ever get BORED seeing your Zanzibar pictures. It's that I get immensely ENVIOUS and of course envy is such a negative emotion. A sin, even, right?

And as always, I love the window.

Val said...

how did i miss these beautiful pictures?? i love the two dhows, and the sunset - still waiting for no3 to download. Can NEVER get tired of these pics - keep 'em coming ok?
haha the long trudge home was only 10kms back to your place! good thing :-) love to all xxx