Friday, April 2, 2010

The stuttering journey

A few days ago my mother's rickety old car got taken off for a service before the four day meander back to Zambia. And the mechanic called in the evening saying he'd broken down a couple of kilometres from home. One of the rocker arms had broken; a proper engine-y bad breakdown. There was much exclamation about how lucky they were that this happened with the mechanic close to home and not in the middle of bum-fuck no-where. So the lovely mechanic had the car for a couple of extra days and fixed and fiddled and coerced the car back into action.

And this morning the car was packed to the hilt - tool kit, bed rolls, mosquito net, left over paintings, food for the road, flask of hot water for coffee. Old paint tins, brushes, a tired old bottle of turps. A worn map book for a few adventure-detours. And we waved goodbye and promised to see each other soon. And Janelle said "I hope you break down in a few kilomeres so we get to see you more"

And now, two hours later I get a call. "Geoff Tz" it said on the display
"You've broken down, right?" I said
"Okay. we'll come and get you!"

Ho hum.

I think a family Easter egg hunt is in order, no?

Picture window


Val said...

ah no - just said goodbye on email :-) good they get more time with you tho. Put the kettle on then (not the electric one :-) hope car problem not tooo serious

spacedlaw said...

It was indeed lucky that they broke down not far from you.

Anonymous said...

Seems the old car has a thing for the lovely mechanic and was not ready to leave just yet. At least you all get more time together. Enjoy the family Easter weekend.

Anonymous said...

Janelle is obviously a very powerful white witch.... better be nice to her!

Shiny said...

I just bought a HUGE box of marshmallow eggs to keep me going. For today, at least. Not even going to bother hiding them, though. Enjoy your hunt, but watch out for those horses in the picture window... I'm sure they like easter eggs xx

Angela said...

Pam, NOW you can look through that window of Miranda`s and wave at us!
Can I send my Easter mail to her place then? Okay, will.

Lemon Gloria said...

I hope you are having a grand time together! Clearly the car knows you need more time.

Lori ann said...

maybe the first ladies detective agency mechanic can help,in the books he fixes everything. hahaha, sorry i know it's not funny. i really hope the work is done soon and the car finally makes the long trip home!
enjoy your visit :)

p.s. word veri = nonses (nonsense) that is what i just wrote. :)

karen said...

Oh dear. Old cars... hope it finally makes it in one piece. I've enjoyed looking at all the Pam paintings, and the Picture Window & Zanzibar heavenly scenes (goes without saying). Your new hairstyle is great, too! :)

tam said...

Oh, groan. Reading this makes me exhausted, even tho I already knoew it. Drive that car to the edge off a cliff, get out, put a brick on the accelerator and release the handbrake.

If that car was a horse they'd have shot it. Just saying.

Miranda said...

Val - tried to put the (electric!) kettle on but they wanted booze instead!!

Spacedlaw - yes indeedy!

Rob - Hope you had a good easter too! And its starting to warm up??

Mud - that she is!

Shiny - oooh marshmallow eggs. Yummeee. I will fight those horses for eater eggs if need be. No sign of the easter bunny though. Must be delayed.

Geli - we waved, did you see us? Thanks for the mail.

LG - yes, need to give the car more credit!

Lori - she's actually reading one of those books right now so an appropriate comment!!

Karen- thanks!

Tam - sigh. Don't I know it!

Zimdian said...

Bum-fuck-nowhere? Lol.

family Affairs said...

look at that sky! Like a fire opal Lx