Monday, May 3, 2010

Mr Time plays tricks on us

You know that book I started writing in November? That I said I’d start editing in December and get in good shape some time in 2010? Well, I’d like to say I’ve been working frantically on that and that’s why I’ve been so bad at blogging. But. It’s not true.

Or maybe I’ve been really busy with work? Nah. Work? Wassat?

Its just Time you see, playing tricks like he always does. Boy, he’s good at that, no? One day I’m writing a blog post and the next day you realize it been more than 2 weeks since you last said anything on this here public sphere. Well. What to say, what to say?

Do we talk about the weather? How the misty mornings swirl and whisper? How we can hear the rain water gently trickle and gurgle down the pipes and into our big underground water tank? How winter has stuck her foot in the door and is slowing trying to edge her way in. How the wildflowers smile at us ever time we drive down the hill? How we slip and slide down the road at the bottom of the hill in the rain, wildly gesticulating to the pedestrians to Get. Out. The. WAY! This fishtailing and sliding? No, I have no control over it and I seriously advise that you move move MOVE!

Or do I tell you about the baby? How she loves her new aeroplane tyre swing that my friend made us? How she miaws at the cat. Squints her eyes at him. Copies everything we do? Or how she is trying to crawl but is just not quite there yet. How bloody damn cut she is.

Or all that other mundane stuff?

The rugby? A Tanzanian vs a Kenyan side. Us cheering from the sidelines. Shouting encouragement as the Tanzanian side slip deeper and deeper into the quagmire of Losing. Us eating ice cream all the while.

How my mother broke down AGAIN. And we finally put her on the next plane outta here. Her car is fixed again now and sits forlornly in our yard, looking sad and neglected. A foreigner in a foreign land, different number plates for all the other cars to see and jeer. He wants to get home, I can see it in his headlights. Need to make a plan to do just that.

And we had a lunch thingy. With all our friends from these parts. Sun and wine and silliness. And fun, of course. How we say, 'what fun that was, we MUST do it again' Knowing full well it'll take us another year. That Time thing again.

And. And. And. And. Huh, so there has been stuff happening after all.

Picture window


Rob Inukshuk said...

Nice catch-up post. Glad all is well. Stay warm. Fab clean window view!

Angela said...

Poor car! You MUST take it to Mfuwe personally, no other way! So isn`t that a great excuse? I hope it doesn`t only PRETEND to be fixed and safe. Not that you and the baby sit on the roadside for days, picnicking on snake meat... You are right, my visualisation runs wild at every scenario I think of. Your post was lovely, and baby sounds so sweet. Does the cat meouw back? Hug her from Great-Auntie!

Val said...

yeah time - that wily character - i think he only has one speed now and thats flat out. same here on the book thing - its lurking, smirking...
Lara sounds adorable and the window looks nice and clean ;-)

Marilynne said...

Maybe that old car wants another slide down the hill so it can feel young again. (grin)

Loved your post.

JoeinVegas said...

Oh, distracted by a kid, happens a lot with new ones.
At least the hippo is out of the hosue (he is, isn't he?)

Mud in the City said...

Time may be running away, but seems to be filled to the brim with Stuff. And happy good stuff at that. (Except the car; poor car).

Love the view!

Miranda said...

Yes, thought there wasn't much going on, but thats not true! And off to Zambia next week - wooohooo!!

JoeinVegas - yes the hippo drank his tea and headed off. And indeed, time seems to vanish around small babies!

Marilynne - it can be arranged!

Val - heh, yes, clean(ish) window!

Geli - there is no WAY I trust the car to get me to Mfuwe. No sireee!

Rob - will try to write more!

Shiny said...

Oh, I do that too... think there's nothing to write about and then, when I force myself to start, realise there's lots. Andnyou've been doing such lovely stuff! Yippeee xx

Angela said...

I want to read your book! Can I proof-read it?
Oh look, veri word is unterves, that sounds almost like unterwegs, meaning on the road! That MEANS something!

Lori ann said...

It all sounds lovely, minus the car. Let's talk about the baby some more!

Miranda said...

Shiny - yes, happens to me all the time. ANd now I have lots of stories in my head but words, where are the words!

Geli - you may read it with pleasure, but only when its in better shape!

Lori - oooh, okay! Soon!