Monday, June 7, 2010

Boys and Girls

Our closest neighbours have two little monkey-boys. Four and seven I think they are. They are very cute and wild and crazy. And our neighbours across the hill Janelle et al have three kids, the youngest of whom is the sweetest little girl you ever will meet (apart from the baby gal of course!) Her name is Gabby, also seven. 

The two monkey-boys came screeching in here one day armed with sticks. Gabby was quietly playing on the floor with a little box of glittery treasures. The boys, wild eyed and crazy shouted:

"Gabby! Gabby! We're going to go and kill a real live CAT! D'you wanna come?"

And Gabby pondered this for a few seconds and then in a polite little voice said:

"Ummmmm, no thanks"

And went back to her box of shiny treasures.
Picture window this evening


Lemon Gloria said...

I think "no thanks" is really the ideal response there. You don't want to sound all judgey and impolite or anything. Here's hoping they never caught the cat.

And yay, picture window is back!

spacedlaw said...

Poor cat!

Angela said...

Boys and girls, indeed! Hahaha

Shiny said...

Oh, that's great! I want to come and play with the box of shiny treasures too. And the cat, who I hope escaped the Hunting Expedition unscathed x

Miranda said...

Lisa - yes, well what more *can* you say?

Spacedlaw - I used to try and kill a particular elephant when I was a child. One that chased my and my friend. We tried to catch or kill it with toothpicks and upside down bottletops in small mounds of sand. I'm sure this was much the same impotence!!

Geli - was so funny!

Shiny - yes, not sure where they planned to find said cat! Gabby has many boxes of shiny treasures I'm sure she'd be happy to share!

Spiny Marshmallow said...

very funny Miranda

JoeinVegas said...

Wild boys wild boys

Val said...

typical - haha - i would def have been there with Gabby :-) I hope the cat still has 8 left? xx

Shot 'n' Show said...

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