Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Go to sleep my weary hobo

My baby often thinks that 3 in the morning is a very pleasant time to sit up in her cot, lean over, poke her mother in the eyes and start chatting. I tend to disagree with her but what can you do? Oh yes, all sorts of things really. Almost every new mother I meet has a) a baby that sleeps through the night and b) numerous ad hoc techniques that will get my baby to sleep like... well, like the proverbial baby. Sleep training, let her cry it out (It even has an acronym - CIO - which usually results in the 'I'm awake now, lets chat' state of mind), change of day time routines. Bottle at night, sleep association. Bla bla bla. I'm bored of it all frankly. I've read up loads, I've taken much of the advice to heart and now it's all yawn yawn (and not just because of the lack of sleep). There are bigger things happening out there in the world. This isn't forever (they sleep a lot as teenagers, right?) and lets-talk-about-my-baby talk is boring even me, a new mother. 

So last night I found myself singing. Again. There is a particular Zambian lullaby that she seems to like. A beautiful song, all lilting and exotic. But after 11 months of singing it every day I am soooo sick of it! So I thought I'd try something new. I wasn't brought up on The Wizard of Oz so I don't really know the songs, but last night I heard myself singing either the Yellow Submarine, or Follow the Yellow Brick Road - or possibly a mixture of the two - the first few lines then morphed into a song about someday, sailing a small boat to Bombay, buying a parrot on the way, who would sit on the boat, and clear its throat. 

There was more, I forget though. It sounded pretty good at the time.

No picture window today. The man has gone off to the bush for the week with my camera. But outside it is cold, a few stray wisps of mist, low cloud and I think I just spotted a polar bear lumbering past.  


Angela said...

Babies who don`t sleep are the smart ones!
I`d like to hear both songs, the Zambian lullaby and the parrot song. Can you tape them?

Janelle said...

oh. it must have come from here. the bear, that is....come visit! xx j

Lemon Gloria said...

Oooh, I love the someday, sailing a small boat to Bombay...! I bet the Zambian lullaby is beautiful, if rather shopworn in your household.

Our kid sleeps through most nights but lately seems to like 1:30 am as I'm awake! time. 1:30 has become the magic/dreaded hour.

Miranda said...

oooh, Geli - I'm not sure I should commit the songs to tape! The songs may be good, but the voice that sings them? Not so much!!

J - yes, it was coming from your direction

Lisa - ugh. And even if he sleeps through the dreaded time you still wake up in anticipation, right?

Shiny said...

Oh, I like the sound of those songs! Funny, everybody I know with a baby talks about sleep/lack thereof. Well, funny for me, not having to deal with it, not so funny for you... but you're right, she'll become a teenager before you know it and then you'll be wonderous at how much she sleeps. Good luck in the meantime though. Sending love from a subdued SA (oh, our poor Bafana Bafana boys) xx

Miranda said...

I know! Even before I even HAD the baby people were going on about sleep! So BORING!!

I didn't watch that game (I'm a lightweight and go to bed by 8 these days!) and I'm glad I didn't now. Had a chance to watch a replay but thought I'd be too sad!