Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have frozen peas for brains.

I really want to write more on this here blog, I do. But what to say? Every time I open my mouth, put fingers on grubby white keyboard this is what comes out 




So I look through my pictures to see if I can at least show you something from there.
Maybe one of those old ones. Lets see.  Ooh yes, here we go. Monkey

Monkey was my soul mate. No, seriously!

I went to Germany when I was 1. I claim to remember but no-one believes me. I'm not sure I do either anymore! We went to the circus. I remember the clowns bursting terrifyingly out of a stripy tent, white faces and big noses. Seals playing with coloured balls.  An elephant riding a bicycle. But... I was 1, so... maybe... maybe I don't really remember... Oh and a tree house. (Geli? Was there such a thing? Maybe that was somewhere else)

Aaaanyway. Apparently (this bit I don't remember) we went to a big old toy store. And I saw Monkey on the shelf and I grabbed him and would. not. let. go. So Monkey stayed. 

Even Blue Teddy took second place to Monkey.

See that worn patch on his mouth? Yes, I kissed that hole to existence. And then would try to feed him through it. And cut his hair and wondered why it didn't grow back. 

The biggest trauma in his life (possibly aside from being yanked off the shelf in a nice cozy shop in Germany and thrust into a new life in the middle of the African bush) was when our horrid little dog Baked Beans chucked him onto the fire. I must have been 4 or so and my mother came to me with Monkey one morning, looking worried (this bit I do remember). And she said that Monkey had been in an accident but he was fine. She had already done some First Aid on him and he was all bandaged up. His one leg was completely burnt off - now a bandaged stump - and his other leg had a bandage around the ankle. And I gingerly looked underneath the crisp white bandage and saw charred flesh. Poor little guy. But he was very brave and wore those bandages for the rest of his life. If possible I loved him even more. 

Monkey went Ev-rey-where with me. I kissed a worn patch on his mouth, his limbs had come off and been sewed back on several times. His head too, I think (in a tug of war with some horrible person who wanted to take him from me). 

His stint with me ended one day when I was about 12 or 13 on a hot and dusty day in Lilongwe, Malawi. My mother was driving up to see us at boarding school (why Monkey wasn't actually with me I'm not entirely sure. Maybe we were starting to go our separate ways already) and Monkey was in the back of our old brown open sided jeep. Along with all my mother's art materials (I think she was planning on spending a week at the lake working). And she heard a rustling in the back of the car, turned around and it was all Gone. She made a valiant attempt at rescue. Chased the thief through the mealies. But he was not to be caught. 

And so Monkey I hope found another home, made another child as happy as he did me. 

Or not.


Life goes on.   


Anonymous said...

Aww, such a lovely tale of your childhood pal. I had Teddy. Loved Teddy. He was "left behind" in Cape Town at the end of a holiday. Forgive, maybe. Forget, never.

Angela said...

Your memory surely has not deceived you, Miranda, you remember funny details! Never underestimate a child (and you were almost 2). That tree-house might have been in the little zoo we went to. Tammy climbed up and shouted down at us, "I`m the king of the castle, and you`re a dirty rascal!" There was even a lion behind bars, and we fed the hanging-bellies-pigs with bread.

The toy shop was the old and dusty place called Spielzeug Rasch where a huge stuffed bear greeted you at the entrance. I loved that place, too, but it exists no more. Like some other places and friends of our childhood. But how good we can always go there!

Lemon Gloria said...

What a charming picture and an equally charming story!

When I met my friend Ann's daughter Camille, she introduced me to her doll Patty. Patty had one plastic foot that had been ground to a stump from being dragged on the ground. Her hair was all matted. She had permanent stains. The last time I saw them, Ann said they still have Patty. Camille is now a teenager and hasn't played with her in years, but you know, she's a member of the family.

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Miranda that is so sweet. Your memory is correct on the tree house - those German play parks for kids had them, and the elephant at the circus did ride a bike - and the pic of you and Monkey is divine. What a charming post

Linda Sue said...

Memories- funny things- I remember being a baby in my crib in flashes like quick little videos- Your monkey, such a well loved little thing- my monkey ,whom I loved beyond measure ,was switched for another child's monkey- they looked alike but I knew mine and the one I ended up with was NOT MINE! I moaned and cried and yearned...I did not love the impostor but I gave it a good enough home...Then my brother made him dissapear. Your monkey had a much better life.
I lOVe the photo! perfect!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Even with a frozen pea brain your writing is enchanting!

I had Teddy. In fact I still do. He might not have come to Singapore with me, but I'm still fond of him! Amazing the passionate love children feel for their cuddly toys.

karen said...

what a gorgeous photo! I still have my ancient Teddy...
Hope the picture window returns soon, and hope the polar bears are retreating a bit!

Val said...

i remember him!! fabulous photo Miranda and lovely memories. hey frozen peas are my faves :-)

Miranda said...

Rob - Aw, poor Teddy!

Geli - funny those little flashes of memory.

Lisa - Ha, Camille sounds much like Monkey! I'm sure Monkey must have smelt, but I don't remember that!!

Spiny - I'm glad about the tree house! When are you coming to pick up your piece of shit car??

Linda Sue -as I said to Geli, its funny those little flashes of memory. And poor you with the swopped monkey! Of course you'd recognise it wasn't the same one. even if no-one else did!

Mud - aw shucks thanks! And that passion that kids feel for toys is something huh? I really really thought he'd been so hurt when he was burnt. I was so gentle when touching his bandages!

Karen - the polar bears are certainly not retreating, but the picture window is back!

Val - he was a most memorable monkey, no? ANd yes, I'm a fan of frozen peas too. As for Lara, sheesh she eats them like sweets!