Monday, June 21, 2010

This glass is half full

That's all.

Picture Window, with sunlight


Angela said...

That glass is FULL with a complete world, clouds and trees and sky and water! And air. Who can ever claim a glass is half empty?! Even IF it is empty (except for the air), it is still full of promises.
Has my parcel arrived? Full of promises, too.

Anonymous said...

Somehow (to my Monday eyes) your glas seems to be reflecting things upside down. Or maybe it IS infact upside down, but the water stays in?

That's it you are a magician! Demonstrating an incredible feat of magic!

(I am impressed. Do you have a wand?)

Heather said...

tis not 1/2 full, it is 2/3's surely! ;)

Miranda said...

Geli - no parcel yet, will let you know! Exciting!

Mud - yes I have a wand. I also discovered today that the man in the moon is in fact a woman in the moon and I am that woman in the moon. True story.

Heather - I was wondering whether anyone would notice that!!

Shiny said...

What lovely pictures, both x

Janelle said...

beautiful beautiful pics!!!! LOVE them. X j

Anonymous said...

Definitely magic, both!

Lemon Gloria said...

I love both those pictures so much.

And the glass looks like it could hold the whole world. Lovely.

Miranda said...

Aw shucks, thanks guys!