Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dreaming of mistaken Idols

An old faded colonial house with a dusty threadbare garden and flame trees. Squeaky gauze fly screens with holes in. Inside is a man and a woman, greying hair, sitting next to a radio and crooked piles of dusty paper, smelling of old maps. 

I somehow find myself in this room having been chosen (from a poor rendition of 'Summertime') to be one of the top three finalists in American Idol. 

I assure the two lovely judges that there has been a terrible mistake. I cannot sing. They tell me I am being modest. I say no really. I really really cannot sing. 

The other two contestants are waiting in the dusty car park, under the molting flame trees near the servant's quarters. I feel sorry for them. I know that they can sing and it would be a terrible travesty if I got picked by mistake.

No please, I say, I really can't sing. I don't know how this happened. 

I get given another song to sing. A French song. I sing it. The woman says 
Oh yes I see, you're right. Now I hear it in French, I understand. You really can't sing



Rob Inukshuk said...

Too much coffee before bed?

Val said...

pre trip angst? maybe you cant sing but you can dance, or tell stories, or take pictures of dusty old safari people, or at least read their maps :-)

JoeinVegas said...

Well, you've never posted anything of you singing, so we can't tell. Sorry you didn't make it.

Lori ann said...


happy birthday to baby gal! i'm sure she won't mind if you sing the h.b. song to her!

xoxo lori

Angela said...

When will your book on the safari camp appear? I want to buy it! No CD in the book cover needed!

Janelle said...

well. you really CAN'T sing now can you? ? heh he heh...lovely to see you last night. hope you got the sleep you were desperately needing! see you later. xxx j

Lemon Gloria said...

I love this: "Now I hear it in French, I understand. You really can't sing."

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Miranda....? Mad. But of course you CAN sing we know that. Love the dusty old colonial safari props added to American Idols

Angela said...

Your parents can both sing! Didn`t you once tour through bars, Pam?

Miranda said...

Rob - something like that!

Val - oooergh I'm not sure about the dancing!

JIV - I wouldn't put you through that!

Lori - thanks! I did sing hb to her - she didn't seem to mind!

Geli - oh, some time, some time!

J - well you know it, and I know it...

LG - I know! Go figure!

SP - only a mother would say that!