Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yesterday I found myself invigilating an exam with no time limit. Sitting under a clutch of yellow Fever Trees keeping my beady eyes on 8 poor souls writing their safari guides exam. I started out very keen. Head tracking back and forth like I was watching a tennis match. Then, after about two hours I started to get booooored. So when faced with a looong string of hours stretching off neverending into the distance what does one do? Except stifle yawns. Walk around a bit. 
And after 5 hours? Well... I seemed to spend a lot of time playing with a big two prong acacia thorn.
Things you can do with acacia thorns:
1) clean your fingernails
2) clean your watch, rings and various other pieces of jewelery
3) see how many raisins and dried cranberrys you can fit onto one (17)
4) draw circles in the sand with it, compass style
5) Fancy dress - fangs. Horns
6) Scratch 'I woz ere' into the soft flaky bark of one of the fever trees
7) Use them to prop your eyes open, matchstick style
etc etc etc etc

Picture Window on this winter morning


Rob Inukshuk said...

Your time was not wasted, please could I order 2 Acacia Thorn sets: my watch needs cleaning and there's this party on the weekend....

Lemon Gloria said...

Your view is very very BRRRR today! As for the acacia thorns, I love that one of your exercises was how many raisins and cranberries!

Miranda said...

Rob - heh heh! Plenty more where they came from!

Lisa - Yes brrr! Anything to keep from falling asleep!

Shiny said...

Oo... picture, please, of thorns being used as fangs. And happy, happy birthday li'l Lara! x

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Great post - love all the imaginative things you can do with the thorns - very funny. So quite a productive invigilation in the end really...