Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The holiday part the third and final

If you got your atlas out and looked at the top part of Germany and then ran your finger over the map, all the way south, about as far south in France as you can go before you hit the Pyrenees you'll trace the journey we did. 

Ah, I started writing this days ago. And I kept thinking, I'll get back to it when I feel inspired, I want to give it the time and poetry this part of the trip deserves. I want to tell you about the beautiful old farm house tucked away in the woods, complete with summer vegetable patch and strawberries ripe for the picking.  Of visiting an old stain glassed windowed church - all echoey and old, and of the baby gal splashing about in the stone basin of holy water. Of driving into the Pyrenees and taking fleeting pictures out the back of a funky yellow car. That matched the fields of sunflowers. Of market day and fois gras and enough cheese to sink a galleon. Of medieval villages and old winding streets. Of family and laughter and comfort and reminiscing of old times. 


I've started work you see. Rehearsal. And its just taking up all my brain and my energy. 


Oh and the picture window! How remiss of me!


Janelle said...

yip. just me.(yawn) LOVE that piccie...i want my own mother mary statue for the garden. great seein' ya for tea yesterday. my dedicated effort in extricating myself from The Situation has failed. but only marginally, i suspect. which is a good thing. right. tea beckons. xxx j

Val said...

great you are working again! ah but would love to hear ALL about that trip - sounds heavenly xx

word veri - pellyspo ... is there an o missing??

Shiny said...

No! That can't be the final, please! It all sounds so... well... European. We want more. I mean, obviously, in-between rehearsals and bringing up the baby gal xx

JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like you enjoyed France.

Anonymous said...

What? A an abridged version? Noooo!
That little soup├žon makes the trip sound wonderful. Oh, perhaps one day?

Until then, all best wishes with the rehearsals and beyond. Loving the beautiful picture window view.

Lemon Gloria said...

Oh, yay, picture window! You know how much I missed you and the picture window?!

Miranda said...

Yay, its Janelle! Yes the mother Mary - I put her there especially for you.xx

Val, Shiny, Rob - Ah, more later maybe? Or perhaps some pics?

Joeinvegas - you betcha!

Lisa - yay! I'm glad!! xx