Thursday, August 12, 2010

Honey, I'm home! (but shhhh, don't tell anyone)

I am back from holiday. Well fed and dragging my heels. 

Where to start, where to start? 

Can I just pretend I'm on holiday a bit longer? Lay my head on my pillow and deal with everything tomorrow? Or the next day?

Maybe Monday.

I think I'll keep my Out of Office Reply on just a little bit longer.... 


Picture Window

with drier grass and taller trees


Val said...

welcome home! did you check your post box yet?? sshhh

Linda Sue said...

make Life- a holiday- I like that idea very much!

Angela said...

What?! Noooo! I can`t WAIT to hear your stories! Get a good night`s sleep, and then rattle on!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Have a rest, catch your breath, but don't be too long - them pics have got me wanting to know all about it.

Iota said...

I've been away from blogging myself for a while. It's nice to have a scroll through your picture windows and catch up!

Lemon Gloria said...

Oh, Miranda, I know it's hard to come back from holiday but I've missed you! Yippee! You're back!

Shiny said...

Yippee, yey! Tell us your stories, please. Just had a quick peek at your pics on Stalkbook... sheesh, your child gets cuter and cuter. Welcome back xxx

Miranda said...

Val - oooh, no. I shall. Shhhh!

LindaSue - definitely something to live by!

Geli - wished we could have seen you too! Next time, next time!

Rob - coming up! Wish I'd have had time to meet up with you for a swift coffee in London, but you know how it is! Too much to do, too little time!

Iota, welcome back!

Lisa - yay! I've been missed! Hurrah!!

Shiny - She sure does! Can't wait to see pics of your nephews!