Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I love scars and the tales they tell. 

On a side note - I am also neurotically catious about making such a statement in case the gods say "oh she likes scars, lets give her one to remember - third degree burns on most of her face, perhaps?" It irritates me, gets in the way of a good story. Anyhow, throwing said caution to the wind. 

I love scars and the tales they tell.

As a kid I had a friend - well if I'm honest he was more of a slave really. I called him Wheelbarrow. See? I'm sure he actually had a name, but I didn't know it. I would climb into the cement crusted wheelbarrow like a princess royal, wave my grubby hand at Wheelbarrow and say "Wheelbarrow, lets go" And he, the poor fellow, would push me around for hours. And hours. It's a mystery really why he did it. Usually I'd sit in the wheelbarrow, but one day I chose to sit on the prow, if you will, and put my feet on that metal thingy that goes around the wheel. And on the wheel was a sharp metal tab that cut a perfect slice into my heel. To this day I have a pretty silver scar on my left heel. 

Moving up. Right calf. An extremely innocuous fall off a motorbike left me with an 8 inch long 3 inch wide burn on my leg - the shape of a good sized fish. The burn was pink and raw to begin with, then looked like a big Texan portion piece of steak glued to my calf. Slowly it faded away until all you can see now, if you look really closely, is a faint pattern of silvery lines. 

Then there are the other motorbike scars, etched about my body from a less innocuous fall. One of those falls that when you finally get your bearings back and dust yourself off you wonder how on earth you have bruises and grazes in so many different places. It must have been quite the tumble. Shortly thereafter my mother took some pictures of me for an art work she was doing, naked in an old crumbled overgrown building at the bottom of the garden. Covered in scabs. 

I had a biblical infestation of boils as a child. They were numerous and pustulous and just plain gross. At one time I had fifty something boils on my legs alone. Sis hey? The scars are mostly gone save for a neat little round scar on my left knee, that looks like a perfectly formed 22 bullet hole - complete with exit wound on the other side. 

Then on my right outer thigh is a little silver inch worm of a scar. James Schulz had a pet warthog who was mostly very friendly but would occasionally attack at random. When I was about 9 I used to go for French lesson's at James Shultz's house (he also had a baby monkey that thought it was a cat) and one day the warthog went for his son, who must have been about 5 at the time. I managed to rush in and grab the son, Daniel, before the warthog got him. And she tusked me instead, the bitch. I pretended to be very brave and said it didn't hurt at all, but it bloody did!  

I have a couple on my wrist, one from an air conditioning unit, and another from some scaffolding that was the set of a play I was in. Another on my head from an old school basketball injury. Heads bleed, huh?

Aaaaanyway, that's enough for now. 

Now your turn. What are your most interesting scars? 

Picture window

It's pretty much all tree these days isn't it?


Shiny said...

Ooo, from my tremendous accident I have many, many little scars (and some big). I must've dragged through a thorn bush because for months after, little thorns kept burrowing their way back out, some leaving little scars, others not. I've grown quite fond of them now. I love the wheelbarrow story. I also love the idea of a scar story. I may have to steal it. I've got some blue bottle ones on my fingers too, which come with a Brave Big Sister Story. See? I'm going to have to plagiarise your blog topic idea... xx

Miranda said...

Ooooh do! I was gonna make it a meme but thought that may be a bit bossy! How weird all those little thorns, realising they were in the wrong place and burrowing back out again. Funny coz whenever I think of James Schultz (with the warthog) I think of a story he used to tell about a man who swallowed an elephant hair and one day it burrowed its way out of his arm!! weeeiiiirrddd!!

Keenie Beanie said...

I have a small scar in my right palm and a decent sized one across my right kneecap from when I was about 11 and rocketed down a very steep hill on my bicycle. I hit a gravel patch at the bottom and went flying. I walked home bleeding and crying, and my brother went back for the bike I had abandoned. We fought like crazy, my brother and I, when we were children. These scars always remind me of the nicest thing he ever did for me as a child.

Lemon Gloria said...

I like scars and the life stories as well. I have a big one on my forehead from nothing more glamorous than slamming into the bottom of a too-shallow pool. I was lucky, really. It's gotten faint enough that a lot of people don't notice it at all.

Linda Sue said...

Your motor cycle scars are more fun than boils...I would hope that the scar stories are those from having fun. Mine are just dumb- scars from a wild cat i was trying to save, scars from trying to feed the wild cat, and a hefty scar above my eye brow when a car fell on me , popped my eye out on the snow (was put back in successfully) and the scar on my butt where the car antenna poked through.

Anonymous said...

Scars are fascinating. In fact, I once went to bed with a man, almost entirely due to the bullet scars on his legs.

Anyway, none of mine are that exciting, but they all hold a stpry. The horse bite on my finger that I lied about (in case the horse was punished); the zigzag on my heel from an early pushchair accident; playground burns on my elbows and bicycle dents on my knees.

A person without scars has to be dull!

Dumdad said...

I love the film Scarface - will that do?

Dumdad said...

Do you remember the movie Lethal Weapon 3 where Mel Gibson and Rene Russo compare scars?

tam said...

It was his wife who told that story and it was a horse hair. And when you had the boil infestation I had them too. Except whereas yours were multiple, I only had a few but they were Much Bigger and more pustulous than yours. You had quantity, I had size. And I still have all the scars, like big bullet holes. And I like the scar on my nose where that skin carcinoma was removed. Coz you can only see it when I wrinkle my nose.

Miranda said...

Tam - ya, ya and then you got bitten by that scorpion when you had the huge boil and you couldn't even walk - had to be carried everywhere. I was sooooo jealous!!

DD - I'll allow scarface! And yes I love that scene in LW! And those movies!!

Mud - Oh I'd do that no doubt!

LindaSue - gracious! yours sound pretty serious! Your EYE popped out????!!!!!

Lisa - OUCH!!!!

Keenie Beanie - Ooooh, welcome! Great story! Heading over to yours now!

Miranda said...

Tam - ya, ya and then you got bitten by that scorpion when you had the huge boil and you couldn't even walk - had to be carried everywhere. I was sooooo jealous!!

DD - I'll allow scarface! And yes I love that scene in LW! And those movies!!

Mud - Oh I'd do that no doubt!

LindaSue - gracious! yours sound pretty serious! Your EYE popped out????!!!!!

Lisa - OUCH!!!!

Keenie Beanie - Ooooh, welcome! Great story! Heading over to yours now!

karen said...

I'm enjoying the sisterly comments! I used to hate my scars, but now I am very used to them and even fond of them..

enjoying catching up, love the pics of your little girl, and your lunch at the Olasit holiday inn, of course!

There are Cuckoos in my Nest said...

I went to University with a girl who had perfect skin. Not marred by a single scar, freckle or spot - she fascinated me and I would find myself staring at her arm or leg searching for any minute trace that she was real and not plastic.
I on the other hand have the least ladylike collection of scars, that I’m rather attached to now as they tell little stories of your past and are always there to remind you good or otherwise.
The two inch tear drop on my thigh where I impaled myself on a sharp stick after my mother told me not to run with sticks - I found out why!
Just underneath my chin a zigzag line where I dived of the back of a sofa onto wooden floorboards. My shins, knees and elbows are scared all the way up from daily mishaps as a kid usually involving trees, animals or jumping off roofs. I took an eyebrow off on a tree one day – luckily it grew back!
There is one on my leg from a mattress spring that pinged up in the middle of the night and I rolled over with it hooked into my flesh.
My palm where my thumb was nearly sliced off when I broke a window, and the one that gets a lot of attention on the back of my hand where my sister’s rabbit bit me! (He was called Fred and would take chunks out of you when you least expected it) Oh and the one of the side of my knee that looks like a dog bite but is actually a rather boring ring worm that scarred.
My mother must have despaired!

Family Affairs said...

I need to use your post too if thats OK. Great story and I note that in news recently people are suing schools for injuries - so I was wondering if I can go back 35 years retrospectively and sue my school = I got my arm stuck behind a radiator for hours - fire brigade etc - 3rd degree burns. I quite like the scar now though.
I pretend it's a shark bite.

JoeinVegas said...

Wow, such interesting stories. To look over yourself and remember things that happened . .
I only have a small circle on my left thigh, from high school chemistry when a drop of acid fell on my leg. It burned, circle still there. Everything else is just going old.

Angela said...

Oooh, I`m late, but must tell you about the two scars I got from your father! The first wasn`t REALLY his fault, as he had me in front of his roller scooter (the one where you have to kick forward with one foot), rolling steeply downhill, and then out of nowhere this woman appeared and had us flying through the air. My right thigh still tells of that story, 58years later.
For the other one he kicked me on my shin. For nothing, of course!

Amanda said...

love your scar stories - esp the warthog. sort of crazy to have one as a pet!

got mine from sledding down a hill and into a barbed wire fence (was aiming for the hole in the fence, and missed...)

Angela said...

When are you writing your book, Miranda? And what happened to the one you already did write, about the remote wilderness camp where a love affair took place? That sounded so intriguing to me!

Reluctant Memsahib said...

a spider bite scar on my hip, made worse when doctor in arusha injected site with hydrogen peroxide and sent me thru the roof, and an appendix scar the size of my surgeon's hands: so big. bigger than it needed to be.

I love the pictures of Small Fry: my how quickly they grow.

allie said...

Hi - I'm popping in from Shiny.
I love the idea of telling scar stories!
A meme would have been a great idea