Friday, February 11, 2011

Picture Window

I realise I haven't posted pictures of our picture window for an age.  This is probably because these days it looks like this:

Can you believe how much that tree has grown?. Hopefully it will continue to do so and soon we'll have our view back AND a lovely big tree in our garden!

This is November 2009

And February 2010

July 2010

And today


Lori ann said...

love the tree updates. wow it is growing like a weed. now please do the same with baby love. is she talking? she must be at a really fun age. (the age when they sleep through the night but don't yet drive is lovely). hee hee.

Miranda said...

Heh! Yes she is being veryveryvery cute! I will post more about her, especially for you! I fear that people will find it boring, but maybe not - since she IS so cute! She is finally weaned and sleeping through - a year and a half later -YESSSSS!! And very chatty. Smatterings of English and Swahili!

Shiny said...

Yippee, clever tree, must get big quick so we can see the hill again. And I agree with Lori about more baby updates! xx

Angela said...

Feed it on horse manure (the tree). That always made my veggies grow like mad!
Yes, we want girlie pictures (not a baby anymore when they start chatting!). Her cousin over here, one day younger, can speak only German, so that`s a point for yours. Limited, too. But you are right, this is such a cute age!! And never ever boring!! What makes you think that?!!

Kim said...

Haha I would cut it down! Spoiling the view...but then I guess I am not a very good environmentalist!

Lori ann said...

will you drop me a quick line darling so i can have your email address? i am not a fb fan, so i've no other way to contact you.