Saturday, March 19, 2011


Okay so my recent silence on the blog front is not unusual, but my wrenching myself away from the computer is....

I've been away, you see. Visiting family in Zambia and South Africa. Awesome to meet my nephew, the sweetest boy in existence. Sad to visit my friend's house, so hollow with him gone. And to see his babies, with him staring out through their eyes. Many stories to tell. And I shall. Really I shall. 

But seriously, my nephew? Sheesh but he's cute.

For now, while I gather my thoughts, here's a picture of Monkey on the plane.

And when I left it was drydry but now the rains are here. 

Its good to be back. 

More soon.


Angela said...

Monkey is VERY cute, but I want to see NEPHEW! And how is the rest of the family, the ones in Zambia? Tell more!

Angela said...

That`s Mr. Bump, right?

spacedlaw said...

Impressive clouds.

Mud in the City said...

Good to have you back!