Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am constantly flabbergasted (now there's a great word) at the connections this blogging thing brings up.

It all started with Janelle, dearest friend and two times neighbour. A few years ago (three?) she was sick in bed and surfing the web. And stumbled across Family Affairs. Read her blog cover to cover, loved it. Started blogging, which started my clever sister Tammy blogging, which started me blogging which started Geli which started Val and so on. A tumbling waterfall of words, all out there. And then you start to discover other real life friends doing it - Tanvi, Tim, Shiny. I love them all.

And then you start to make connections. Friends in the making who you've never met. Reya, Lori, Mud, Lisa.  I know I'd love every one of them if we met up.

And then you go one step further and meet up with some of said virtual friends. I met Mud when I was pregnant, waiting to have my baby in Joburg. I always knew we'd get on great and we did. A too-short cup of coffee when we could have sat and chatted all week. And she came with a friend of hers - also very newly pregnant - and we got chatting and she went to university with, and was mates with, my friend Johnny who died. 

And Family Affairs, turns out, knows my family. Has a picture of her dad and my great aunt on her mantelpiece. Completely out the blue. 

And then Mud moves to Singapore and becomes great mates with Janelle's sister. 
And I get parcels of lovingly and beautifully knitted hats from Lori for my child.
And I recently become Facebook friends with Lisa who lives in Washington DC and it turns out WE know someone in common, who lives in Zambia and who went to school with her in India! I mean seriously - isn't that bizzare? All these connections from completely random clicks of buttons, from people spread out all over the world. And yet all connected. 

And I loved blogging. I used to write lots. Some of it rubbish, some of it goodish. And then I got distracted and it started to sputter. And stall. And the less I wrote the more rubbish I thought everything I wrote was. (Which is quite an awkward sentence!) And the confidence waned, and rehearsals stared to push in to blogging time and when once I used to write twenty times a month, suddenly it was only once. (And no, not quality over quantity unfortunately.) And the gaps between posts got stretchier and the guilt over this got denser. And underneath this all the mental blogging still goes on. The words burble and tumble and 'hey, that would make a good post' and 'ah man, a dog licking a baby cow at the bottom of our hill, I MUST blog about that' And then I don't and then the moment has passed.

Sheesh man! So what I'm trying to SAY. IS. That I'm going to try and blog more. It may be 3 times in one day and then not for two weeks. But I'm really going to try. Coz I love it. And I love the connections it makes.

And you? What blogging connections have you found? 

Picture window, all clear after the rain


Lori ann said...

dear miranda,
love the picture window, love all the blog connections, LOVE that the package arrived (whew!)and mostly i love that you will continue writing.
you have one of the most charming blogs in blogland. yep.

xxxx + x for lara too :)

Mud in the City said...

Isn't it just amazing? I try to explain it to some non-bloggy people sometimes and they give me a very 'that can't be true!!' look. But it is! Meeting you in Jo'burg, meeting Janelle's sisters (and going skiing with them in Australia!) and then having lunch with Family Affairs in London a few weeks ago. Amazing.

I'm back in Jo'burg visiting the same friend in a couple of days - sorry to have missed you!

And excellent news you'll be writing mroe!

Janelle said...

yeah! great...! and tim! x j

Lemon Gloria said...

I love these connections! I love that we have someone in common! And I know we'll meet one of these days and it will be so much fun.

Dumdad said...

I don't seem to blog as much as I used to and that might be because I changed from Blogger to WordPress. Or not. And it could be also because I discovered Facebook and spend time there. Whatever. I still think blogging is fun.

And thanks for tracking me down. I tried to let blog pals know I'd closed my old blog but, well, life keeps getting in the way and I'm lazy!

Val said...

I have particularly enjoyed reconnecting with you and Tam, and Janelle , after a leap of time; and the great new blogging pals we meet in the ether -thanks so much for getting me into this :) xx

Miranda said...

Val - me toooooo!

DD - yes don't I know it! And I just lurve facebbook!

LG - me too! I know it! Yay!

J - ya ya. gzactly!

Mud - ya, when I tell my husband some of the stories he's like 'yeah right'

Lori - no YOU do! Thanks so much! xxx

family affairs said...

YAY!!! Going to copy your post if you don't mind - ISN'T IT JUST AMAZING????

and what's more word verification is "PRIZE"!!!!