Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So we went for a walk down the road and Lara found this nice big juicy puddle. And sat in in for hours. And I was torn between running back home (a few hundred metres away) and getting my camera or staying with her and making sure she didn't get run over by a random passing car or cow.

I chose to stay which I think was probably a good call!

And then eventually, her covered in slimy mud, she wanted to go home. No, be CARRIED home. And me in a pristine white skirt. And her in a cloth nappy that had soaked up at least 6 litres of very muddy water.

So I kinda held her out at arms length and trotted back to the house. And then I changed her nappy and shoes, got my camera and took her back to the puddle to try and re-enact the scene. And she was all 'what do you mean you want me to sit in a puddle? Are you nuts?'

So I took a picture anyway, but it wasn't quite the same.

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