Thursday, March 24, 2011

Old School

When I'm stuck for things to say I'll trawl through some old pictures to show you.

My sister and I were home-schooled, I'm sure I've told you this before. Our classroom varied from an open sided grass chitenje to walks in the bush to a little wooden house (pictured)  to a mud hut to a magical little clearing inside a combretum bush which was my personal favourite.

Looking at this picture I see that the alphabet is stuck up on the wall, on the top. I think its the same one where M was for Miranda and J was for Johnny and I threw a complete wobbly because J and M were not next to each other. My mother eventually got around this by drawing walkie talkies in for us. Phew, close one. 

And there too, is Widdle the warthog. 

Sheesh we all look a bit trailer trash huh?

And what am I WEARING?


Mud in the City said...

You can never go wrong with dungarees....!

spacedlaw said...


Lori ann said...

hahaha! fantastic! oh what an adventure your life was, your school mates are warthogs!

LOVE the photos Miranda, and knowing a bit more about you. Your mother is gorgeous, this looks a bit like a movie (and she is the glamourous star), you and tam are adorable, i hardly notice your clothing, it's your expressions that i love (but is that a bird on your shirt? cute!).

such memories! will you homeschool lara?

Val said...

so great you have these pictures - makes me want to step back in time through the frames

Miranda said...

Mud - hhmmmmm!

Spacedlaw - yeah I guess!

Lori - yes, mother STILL gorgeous! And the shirt has a bird on it indeed. It is the logo for WES the homeschooling system we did but looks like its for a very large adult! Hadn't really thought yet whether I'll homeschool We have more options than my parents did living in the middle of nowhere!

Val - I know, weird hey! I've got a funny one of you. Must send it! Do I have your e-mail? I'll check

Linda Sue said...

These photos are awesome! How lucky for you to have such an ideal education - not fraught with horrid teaches, mean principles and bullying children. Your Mom is so lovely!

Angela said...

Yes Pam was and is always lovely. Pam, I`ll write you, wait!

Robyn said...


Sabrina said...

You say teasingly "a bit trailer trash," but I think wow, to grow up like that. You are so lucky.