Sunday, May 29, 2011

late and slow and also bird poo

I think I may be a little late to catch up here but I just discovered the stats thing on my blog! No way! How cool is that. I've often wondered how that worked, when people said 'someone googled 'how to drink stars' and landed on my blog' how they KNEW that.

Well, now I know too! And lots of people seem to be asking Mr. Google how to stow thrones in grass houses and end up here but my best is:

bird faeces is what number in a dream

Anyone know the answer to that?


Val said...


Red Dirt Lattes said...

Hmmm....I don't know, but I do hope you give us the answer.

Welcome to the addiction of stats.

Val said...

so how do you do that?


Shiny said...

How DO they do that? I don't mean ask questions, but know what other people ask to come to your blog? xxx

Bird faeces is 42. Everybody knows that, surely?

Miranda said...

I think i only got the stats option when I changed my blog design thingy. Unless i just didn't notice it before. But its a little tab right there under edit posts, or new post or whatever it is when you're at that place where you can edit or post or whatever. is it called the dashboard? Can u tell i know exactly what I'm talking about?