Monday, May 16, 2011

My ma

Oh my dears, I've been neglecting you! You're tired of my excuses I imagine so I'll just keep quiet. I started this post on mothers day which was, what weeks ago (the SA/US one that is. The British one was even more ages ago than that!). But then our internet broke and then I had to travel to Dar and then I had to replace runaway actors... oh, there I go with the excuses! So I started writing about my lovely mother. But didn't finish. But I'll still post as far as I got and then I'll start my 'I'm going to blog every other day' resolution from scratch. Again!

My mother and sister. Long ago! 
I'm not going to be able to give this post the time it deserves. I'm at home with Lara and we're looking after her friend Gracie while her mom is away for the week. So its kinda like being stuck in a big cage with giant carnivorous hamsters that have chewed the corner in a sack of speed. 
I wanted to write a post about my fabulous ma. I've written about her a bit before, here and there. 
My folks, they weren't into the whole traditional parenting; God parents, violin lessons and school runs. 
Being home schooled by my ma
It was more a sleep in the back of the landrover, eat cornflakes for supper kind of upbringing. That sounds neglectful. Far from it.

My mother, you see, she took time with us. She played with us. She listened to us. We had adventures, everything was a marvel. 

We went on walks, we had lessons in a scruffy combretum bush. We had a big wall we could draw on as much as we liked.


We had freedom and we were loved. What could be better than that?
My mother and sister


Red Dirt Lattes said...

I was just reading an article in the NY Times about parents now taking their toddlers, TODDLERS, for tutoring. When did that become good parenting? I want to do what your mother did. Cereal in the back seat and endless canvases to draw on. I want my daughter to look around and not just down. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Mud in the City said...

What an awesome Ma. You didn't turn out too badly either!

Shiny said...

One could ask for no more. Love and attention. Just perfect. And look at you with your smart-looking blog. What fun! Happy Mother's Day to you too xx

Angela said...

I knew your mom from times even before you were born. It was obvious that she was going to be a most devoted and caring mother, with her own deep interest in life and nature and art and singing and history and culture and travelling, and with her own both most interesting parents. My brother was so lucky! Pam is still one of the loveliest people I know. Thanks for your hommage to her!

Lori ann said...

This makes me tear up, so beautiful, any mother could only hope to have such a shiny review. A good daughter you are too.

Forgot to say, love the new look!

Lemon Gloria said...

I love this: "So its kinda like being stuck in a big cage with giant carnivorous hamsters that have chewed the corner in a sack of speed."

And your mom is so beautiful and glamorous! I love how you grew up.