Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey, did you see what I did there? Got bored of that old layout. Thats why I could never get a tattoo. I'd like to sometimes but I'm way too fickle. 

Its a power cut night but our neighbours have just installed an inverter which means that we can tap off their internet even when we have no electricity - hurrah! Since last year our electricity schedule - when tanesco stick to it - is Monday - off all day, Tuesday, off all night, Wednesday - umm, can't remember - off in the day? Or maybe its actually on on a wed, I forget, Thursday, off all night, Friday off all day, weekend - ON! Yay! But as of Thursday I'm told its going to be off for 19 hour stints. Oh yawn, am I boring you? Anyway, could be worse. At least we HAVE electricity. Well, kinda!

I went to Dar last week to see the actors who are performing there. Camping in a school yard in the pouring rain. Quick sudden downpours ('with no introductions' said the actors) and then suddenly gone, leaving everything cool(ish) and damp. 

Hey have you heard about Babu at Loliondo? I've been meaning to tell you about him for ages. 
Google babu loliondo - there's loads of info on him. He is a pastor who got visited by God in a dream and told to make a potion from a certain (usually poisonous tree) to cure people of all ailments. From HIV to diabetes. There are BUSLOADS going down there every day. People from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Japan, all OVER. There are three helicopters now based at Arusha airport that are flying in and out I don't know how many times a day. The president has been. Its amazing. Every fourth person you come across is talking about babu. Huge debates. Is it real? Is he a fraud? Could it really work? Yes I know so and so who was completely cured. Isn't it irresponsible of him saying he can cure HIV? But he can only cure you once of HIV he says. If you get it again... 

I read in the paper a couple of weeks ago that the queue of vehicles to his little remote village was 56km long. Everyone has a story. Many many many people have gone. Some have waited weeks to see him. The government are trying to crack down on the number of people going there because there is just no infrastructure to cope with the amount of people. Someone told me today that a man went there who wasn't sick and took the potion and when he got back to Arusha he started attacking people with knives. Many many more stories.

Aaanyway, battery on computer coughing so I'll be off. 


Janelle said...

heh he! loved the opening...! and the ma post! love ya mo. xxx

Angela said...

One really wonders why so many people think they NEED poisonous tree medication. What`s wrong with them? The equivalent here is that they sit in doctors` waiting rooms, wondering if they don`t have their neighbour`s illness, too? Why aren`t people content with their lives?
Okay, maybe if I only had electricity on Wednesday midnight, I might feel a little incontent, too. But (looks like incontinent) - I am drifting off here. Crazy story, is what I wanted to say.

Lori ann said...

no electricity sounds a bit romantic to me, kind of like camping, you have a good attitude anyway.

Since it is no fun at all to blog from this iPad, I will google babu as soon as I get my new computer. Sounds interesting!

Amanda said...

this babu sounds like john of god from brazil - tons of people flock to him but very questionable if his 'cures' are for real.

thanks for visiting my blog the other day -- we have our deal geli in common. isn't the blogworld lovely?

Mud in the City said...

A crazy world. I'm a bit of a cynic, but I still sort of want a bit of mystery in the world. As long as no one gets attacked by knives that is!

Red Dirt Lattes said...

I've heard about this guy. Crazy. Would love to be there and meet him, see the people who believe. Mind over matter?
We lose electricity all the time in Rome. "The Africa of Europe" it's called.
And yes, I would never again get the tattoos I have, but oh at the time....

Lemon Gloria said...

So, Miranda, I like you very much and I connect with you and sometimes I forget that you live in Africa and in some ways we lead such different lives. And then you write about the power schedule. And then this person in this tiny village who claims he can cure all kinds of things and people are lining up for miles. And I am so reminded that we live in VERY different places. Happy weekend to you and yours!

Celeste said...

So just an average day in Africa eh Miranda? When you leave it, it is amazing how quickly you forget all the totally unique quirks of that continent. I am sure you are taking it all in your stride :)

Miranda said...

J - Thanks dolla!

Geli - I think many of these people really ARE sick, and desperate. I hope it works!

Lori - yes sortov like camping!

Amamda - we have many people in common it seems - yes the blogworld truly is awesome!

Mud - yes me too sometimes and sometimes completely 'tweety bird' - I swing from one to the other!

Red Dirt Lattes = When I first set foot out of Africa - I was 21 - I went to Europe and LOVED Italy for that very reason. The trains were late, the currency had lots of zeroes - I felt very at home!

Lisa - its funny isn't it! I'm exactly the same. We have babies the same age, we connect and then I read about your fantastic elevator thingy and I'm all "wow"!

Celeste - funny, hey. Do you miss it at all?

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I'll be checking babu. Sounds weird a bit like Howard Camping here in the U.S. who calculated May 21, 2011 as being Judgement Day/Day of the Rapture.
Can you plan around your electric outages to use the computer?