Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So my in-laws are coming on Friday. And guess what I'm doing today (aside from frantically trying to get the house in order before I leave!) - going to the Serengeti! Yay. Just for 3 nights, examining some poor souls for their safari guide exams. Fairly mind numbing but also sooooo nice to get out into the bush again. I'll be leaving the baby with her dad and grandparents. heh heh. 

SO. I'll try and post when I can. I'll try and take some pictures, at the very least.

There's STILL no electricity and I fear its something we'll have to get used to. Off for 24 hours yesterday, a few hours on in the middle of the night and off again by the time we woke up this morning. We'll be having a big meat feast soon for all our defrosted meat I reckon! 

Aaanyway, teeny bit of battery power left and oh I have to pack and then when I get back from Serengeti look forward to a trip to Zanzibar. yipeeeeeee

Sorry, am I gloating?



Lori ann said...

haha, that would be requisite for the serengeti and zanzibar, yay! gloat away and enjoy!!

Mud said...

Every reason to gloat Miranda! have awesome fun, have you got your 'mean examiner' face on yet?

Lemon Gloria said...

I know jealousy is ugly, but I am so very jealous! Have a great time! Wishing you tons of electricity very soon.

JoeinVegas said...

Still exotic names to me - have fun!