Sunday, July 3, 2011

Serengeti and dreaded toddlers

So back from the Serengeti in time for a swarm of two year olds that will be invading us today for my daughter's birthday. Oh my god what have we got ourselves into? Last year was fine, we just invited all our grown up friends over and we all got drunk. This year there will be cake. That I have to make (not a forte of mine) and sausages and lots of sticky hands and fighty 'MINE' toddlers. 

Back from the Serengeti. The flight in we flew over Ol Donyo Lengai, an active volcano that last erupted about 3 years ago. We flew reaaaallly close over it and could smell the sulphur and the little plane did a huge bump as we went over it. 

I couldn't unzoom my camera enough to get a picture, we were so close. 

6:30 am to 6:30 pm back to back examining. Tiring, mind numbing at times but great to be out in the big open skies. Here's the Mara river

 And here's a rock agama, doing what it does best

And on the way back flew over lake Manyara, a shallow soda lake with thousands and thousands of flamingoes that looked like pink confetti rolling on waves from out the aeroplane window.


Anonymous said...

Blissful! What a breath of fresh air. Good luck on taming the toddlers, and congrats hugely on the news!

Lemon Gloria said...

I love that the wilds of the Serengeti are a breath of fresh air and it's the toddlers that are dreaded. The less adventuresome among us would definitely put it the other way around.

And love the volcano pic! Did you get one of the lake of flamingos? That sounds spectacular.

JoeinVegas said...

Wow, a house full of little ones that can run - no more sitting around drinking, sorry.

skwaterman said...

Hi Miranda! Your blog is absolutely fantastic. I came across it while researching how to get to the Mutomboko festival in Zambia. I was actually wondering if you had any insight on transportation in Zambia... researching on the web is definitely a swing and a miss! I know you were there a while ago but I would love if you have any advice on how to get from Dar es Salaam to Kazembe. My email is

Stacey Waterman, a Canadian in South Africa

family affairs said...

Just lovely and I CAN"T BELIEVE YOUR DAUGHTER IS 2!! Where has the time gone?? Great article about Zambia in the Times Mag last week. I need to get back there soon xx

Red Dirt Lattes said...

Bumps in planes are never fun! But oh what a view! Hope the cake and sausages went well and the birthday was a blast for all.

Amanda said...

you celebrate my way — lots of wine, cake, sausages, sticky fingers and toddlers screaming MINE.

love the fotos — but looking down the crater gives me the willies....... ;-)

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I would love to see the flamingos! I have seen Roseate Spoonbills lift off in small numbers, but nothing like in films of the flamingos of Tanzania.