Sunday, July 31, 2011


So I told you I was off to Zanzibar for ten days didn’t I?


My in-laws were here for three weeks.


Three weeks.


And we spent ten days of those three weeks in Zanzibar.


Day 1 we arrive at our accommodation which was oh just terrible! The people the night before had had a huge party in our room and by the time we arrived at 5 in the evening they still hadn't cleared it up. It was literally like walking into a night club the morning after. Beer all over the floor, smashed beer bottles, shot glasses, blood, vomit. The lot! (bear in mind I'd been in charge of choosing and booking the accommodation!). And stairs. So many steep stairs! Usually fine, but not so great for my aging father-in-law with dodgy knees.

Day 2 my almost 80 year old father in law falls down said horrible steps and breaks his arm. Shortage of x-ray films in the whole of Tanzania, doctor not around for the whole day. Evening finally manage to get x-rays done, electricity goes off, manage to start generator, but can only put plaster cast on the next day. Incredibly lucky though that he didn't do worse injuries, considering the huge lump of jagged coral right beneath the steps...


Day 4 I find out that Musa my dear dear friend, co-conspirator and co-founder of Seka has died. Just devastated. I don't even know where to begin.


Day 7 my 100 year old great aunt dies.


Mixed up with pure white sand, warm blue seas, the usual family tensions, pregnancy hormones, a 2 year old child, beautiful weather, a very kind taxi driver and seafood. 


I want to tell you about it all in detail but I’m not sure I have the energy…


I want to tell you about Musa. His magic, his humour, but I am not ready. 


I want to tell you about Eve my very cool great aunt who always pretended she was 30 years younger than she was and usually got away with it too. But it seems all I’ve been doing these days is writing about dead people so…. All in good time.


Right now though, I’m ready for a holiday…. Zanzibar perhaps?


Robyn said...

Oh dear-how awful-I'm sorry!Tell us about Musa another time.

Anonymous said...

What a rubbish time you're having of it. So sorry for your losses.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend and your aunt. It is so difficult to cope with all this sadness & upheaval.

On another note: Good grief. You need a vacation away from your vacation.

Shiny said...

Oh Miranda! Sheesh. I hope things calm down a bit. It's been a strange time all around. If I were all hippy-like I'd say the satellites are out of alignment. Or stars. Or is it planets? Love from here x

tam said...

Have you had a big cry yet? I feel like we both need to go home and mourn Musa properly. And then - holiday. I was going to say Luwi. But not with babies! We'd be too scared they'd get eaten by lions. How about somewhere with electricity?

Lemon Gloria said...

Oh, Miranda, I am so very sorry. I'm sorry you've had to say goodbye to so many loved ones lately, and two at the same time. Sending you big hugs.

Val said...

so sorry Miranda - I think you should listen to your sister :) hugs xx

Miranda said...

Robyn - thank you. I am writing about him now. I am ready. x

RobG - yes now that you mention it! But lots of good things in between, so...

LizzyFrizzfrock - yes a vacation would be lovely!!

Shiny - yes indeed. Some of the actors think that an ex employee has put a curse on me. I did wonder for a while!!

Tam - yes I have. Quite a few. We do. I dread it but we do. And the holiday YES!

Lisa - thank you. It has been pretty sucky but makes you appreciate life more I guess. My aunt I saw last year and didn't really expect to see her again, I'd made peace with that. Musa I need to work on! xxx

Miranda said...

Oh Val, I missed you there. Oh yes I always listen to my sister! xxx