Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The words are stuck. Glued to the inside of my head like dead leaves 0n a wet pavement. 

What have I been doing? Aside from cussing that we never have any electricity? We get juuust enough, in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, to keep the inside of our fridge from going mouldy.

Well, I've been working. In a moment of lapse I agreed to take on creating 3 plays and 1 invisible theatre training in just under 3 months. Which is crazy at the best of times, let alone when you're waddling full speed ahead into your third trimester of pregnancy. So far so good though, it'll work out. Oh we've put a video up on our website of one of our plays. We've just had an invitation to perform this play in China in December but with me calfing then and Musa gone I'm not sure we'll manage that. Can't have it all I guess. Just like the electricity...

And I've been feeding Craig's snakes. 5 little baby egg eaters who require a long syringe full of egg into their tummies once a week. Its a slimy smelly fiddly job but they're so cute and I love it. They're growing and growing. And get so cross when you first take them out of their glass box. All hissy and strikey, little black mouths open. They're very clever snakes. They can dislocate their jaw so that they can swallow eggs whole then they spit out the shell later in a neat little parcel. Not these ones obviously - no one has time or inclination to go and find little birds eggs for them to eat, hence the syringe. 

Lara likes them too. She sticks her tongue out at them

And I've been hanging out with my baby girl, who just makes my heart expand inside me every time I see her. 

And I've been visiting friends on lovely chilly-but-sunny lazy sunday afternoons, where conversation is easy and laughter flows and bursts out of you.

And, you know, just living life I guess. 


Shiny said...

Oh, what a lovely pic of Lara and the snake. It seems life has grabbed a hold of all of us and trapped our writings deep inside our heads. I’ve also just forced myself to amble back in to write. Send a pic of your growing tummy please. Love to you all x

Angela said...

I wrote a comment, but Blogger ate it!
Yes, send a picture of your tummy! Lara looks so much like you when you were little - cheeky and daring! All the best to her and the little new baby!

Lori ann said...

ah, good things are happening it sounds. sorry you can't go in december, maybe another time? i'll follow that link, just as soon as i peek one more time at the baby gal! she's so cute!

family Affairs said...

Those snakes! How cute are they?? Not obv as cute as your baby girl.....