Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Conversations with my two year old

So last night in the bath my two year old pointed to the bottle of conditioner and said:
What's that?
Me (keeping it simple): Its shampoo
Lara: Its not shampoo
Me: Yes it is. Its shampoo
Lara: No its not shampoo, its conditioner
Me: Geez, Lara, how did you know that? 
Lara: I'm just clever!

Me (to Mark): Did you teach her that? I didn't
Mark: No, I didn't. Holy crap, maybe she can read!


Angela said...

As I say, never underestimate a child! They can probably read right away and just don`t tell us to see if we are lying.
well, gotcha!

Amanda said...

haha ~ love this. kids can be so surprising - and it's fascinating to imagine their thought and learning processes. after my second child, i gave up trying to think i understood it ;-)

JoeinVegas said...

Be careful of the 'Holy crap' line or you will hear it again.