Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things my 2 year old says

  • When watching rugby: "They keep falling over" and, in the scrum "They're hugging each other"
  •  "Lemme see your eyes" Stares for a long long time. "What's inside?"
  • Me: Hi baby, what have you been doing today?" Lara:"oh, you know" Sigh "Just hanging out" What, a teenager already?
  • And today, my favourite, trying to see my boobs. I show her a bit but she lifts my bra right up "I want to see the eyes"


Angela said...

Hey, that child wants to see behind the surface! Really amazing, these young children. Never underestimate them. So she gets bored with life already? At least if there is nothing new to learn? So then, you know your obligation now. Explain to her what`s behind your eyes and what your boobs` eyes are good for, and why not take her to an ophthalmologist (make her say that word first), and then to a cow farm... Bringing up smart children is a never-ending story! Much fun!

Shiny said...

Oh, I love it! We need pics of the bump and the li'l gal. Please xxx

Word veri: mumsmsme

I'm not making that up!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. She's a smart little cookie isn't she? Simple wisdom has the power to make us think, removes all the adult fluff from life and focuses on the real question. LIke the eyes....

Val said...

She's so smart! and sounds like she is on the right track already. such a fun age. how you doing?

Miranda said...

Geli - of course all parents think their children are extra clever, but I think mine really is! And very cute of course!!

Shiny - okay, coming up! Will be in the Big Smoke from end November (25th ish) til early Feb so may be able to catch up somewhere in there??

Mud - I know, so sweet. And the innocence without all the adult fluff as you say. She knows 2 Julies - black Julie and white Julie. SO why not call them that, although to our ears it sounds, well, wrong!

Val - that she is! And ex-tre-mely cute! Today she been whizzing around the room crouched over "what are you doing?" "Being a crab" Duh! I been good. So very busy and needing to blog but soooo tired too! xxx