Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Conversations with my two year old

So last night in the bath my two year old pointed to the bottle of conditioner and said:
What's that?
Me (keeping it simple): Its shampoo
Lara: Its not shampoo
Me: Yes it is. Its shampoo
Lara: No its not shampoo, its conditioner
Me: Geez, Lara, how did you know that? 
Lara: I'm just clever!

Me (to Mark): Did you teach her that? I didn't
Mark: No, I didn't. Holy crap, maybe she can read!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things my 2 year old says

  • When watching rugby: "They keep falling over" and, in the scrum "They're hugging each other"
  •  "Lemme see your eyes" Stares for a long long time. "What's inside?"
  • Me: Hi baby, what have you been doing today?" Lara:"oh, you know" Sigh "Just hanging out" What, a teenager already?
  • And today, my favourite, trying to see my boobs. I show her a bit but she lifts my bra right up "I want to see the eyes"