Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home. What I miss, what I don't

I'm really missing home at the moment. Every now and then I stumble across a picture of the valley and feel my heart tug right out of my chest. So to remind myself:

Things I miss about home
The cicadas
Elephants walking silently past my window
Hippo sounds floating up from the river. Hippos chomping outside my window at night
Distant lion call
The smell of the potato bush in the early evening
The pockets of cold air in the long grass in winter
Reading animal tracks 
Smokey tea
Hot dry October heat
Sausage tree flowers
The small town camaraderie
Sundowners in the park
The carmine bee-eater colonies; crimson whipping out of holes in the riverbank like a flamenco dancer with a carmine scarf
The clear clear sky at night, all crunchy with stars
At this time of year, the ankle deep mud
My landrover
The August winds
Winterthorn trees
My mama, my uncle
The subtle change of season within the two obvious seasons (wet and dry!)
Having to drive six hours round trip to buy supplies 

Things I don't miss
The cicadas
The baboons. Jumping on my roof at dawn. The smell of baboon poo with the first rain. Breaking into my house and causing havoc
The politics with the chief
The streams of people at my door ever needing help
Taking twice as long to drive anywhere (outside the park) because you need to stop and give so many lifts 
Funerals. So much HIV
Hot dry October heat
The small town gossip
At this time of year the ankle deep mud. The mould, the mosquito bites that turn septic
The sideways rain that comes right in
Having to drive six hours round trip to buy supplies


Angela said...

I miss the sausage trees and the funny hippo sounds and your Mama.

Celeste said...

Haha couldn't have put it better myself Miranda, bittersweet indeed. I hope you get to go back and visit very soon xx

fushandchips said...

"The clear clear sky at night, all crunchy with stars"

Kwa-TANG! Marvelous imagery, my dear.

Anna-Marie said...

you're making me miss the valley all over again .... sigh

Mud said...

I think I miss it too - and I've never been there! That's what your writing does.

Family Affairs said...

Brings it all back xx

Shiny said...

What Mud said. And Fush.


Lori ann said...

aw, can you go back for a visit? i certainly would miss all that if i were you too.

Miranda said...

Geli - yes, sigh!

Celeste - me too!

Fush - high praise indeed, thanks!

Anna-Marie - lets go back for a visit! Or lets meet up and remenisce at the very least!

Mud - ah thanks! been trying to comment on your but no luck. Frustrating!

FA - wish we'd been there at the same time!

Ah Shiny, thanks!

Nicola said...

I love your blog. I'm homesick for my home now too.