Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Contents of my Handbag

I very rarely have a handbag anymore - what mother does when you already lug a bag around for all the baby's shit (sometimes literally) which is usually huge (and oh so attractive!). So I used to just use the baby bag for the few things I needed - sunnies, wallet. But these days suddenly I seem to have acquired a handbag.... And I was looking for something last night, so emptied it - my word! Time to share with you, I think.  I've done this once before, not much has changed, except for a few more baby things!

Ladies and gentlemen, the contents of my handbag...

Bikini (you never know. Its been in there about 2 months and we're heading into winter now so...)
Cold and flu capsules
Angel mirror that my sister gave me

Kenyan sim card - was in Nairobi 2 weeks ago when our 3 month old son had to have a minor operation. Boy, haven't even told you guys about that yet!
Suncream, factor 15
3 odd children’s socks
1 multipurpose screwdriver (pink). Bought for my sister but she had one so I took it back!
3 hairbands
7 hairclips (that’s where they’ve all gone. I'm trying to grow out my hair.)
2 kiddies heart hairclips
1 pair of glasses
1 sunglasses case, empty
1 swiss army knife
2 old shopping lists
2 plasters
3 notebooks
1 bepanthen baby bum cream
1 antibacterial hand lotion
2 pens
2 rubber bands
pair of baby shoes
1 baby hat
1 baby t-shirt
1 small plastic tree
47 kenyan shillings
200 tz shillings
2 prepaid phone scratch cards (used)
1 piece of cardboard with phone number on (of actor who went mad)
1 skirt
1 nipple guard for breastfeeding (just had nipple thrush. Did you know there was such a thing? My god, but its sore! One website called it exquisitely painful... sounds about right! Anyway, the nipple guard didn't work...)
1 camera
1 phone

And there you have it.


Robyn said...

so when you are carrying that lot, who is carrying your baby???

Angela said...

Good to have a Swiss knife along, you never can tell when you have to skin a snake. About the sore breast - I sent Marina a very good far woolfat/zinc cream, do you think a parcel of it would reach you in time?
I also just made a rucksaxck for Line`s cow, don`t you think you could need such a one, too?

fushandchips said...

Shiny knives, books, angels... scratch all the baby booty and that's quite a tomboy sexy set of stuff. Mmm. So, HOW married are you? Hmmm?