Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Me: It's mother's day today
Mark: Yes but which one do you want to go with, the US and South African one (today) or the British one?
Me: Well duh, both...

Happy mother's day to all you awesome people out there. And all you single mother? I am in awe of you every single day. 


Val said...

well yes and so you should have two mothers days :) i enjoyed the handbag post too - is your life as full as your handbag? i think so

Angela said...

Young mothers deserve breakfast at their bed EVERY day, and a rose bouquet AND chocolates! And a good night`s sleep once a week! For all the efforts it costs to raise just one child (let alone more) a mother should get a salary, it is much harder work than most other professions.
Shall I send you heling cream?