Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sun and fog

I feel that, if I squint my eyes and stare really hard, I can see light through the fog of double motherhood. The sun has come out and is slowly burning off the bleary blurryness. My daughter just turned three and my son 6 months. I have started doing a bit of exercise (a flurry of it actually. The first week excitement that's bound to wear off by Tuesday next week. My valiant declaration of 'I'll be in my pre-pregnancy clothes by the end of September' may well turn from shouting it out loud to sheepishly mumbling it from the corner of my mouth).

And although my boy still refuses to sleep much in the day at least he'll now happily go to other people without screaming the house down like the Big Bad Wolf. He has three teeth, no hair, he rarely cries (but when he does oooooh boy!) and he is an all round awesomely cute little heart melter. And his big sister is just as besotted as I am which I am truly grateful for.

I've been trying to keep operating normally but now I see that I have about 20 unfinished blog posts in my drafts folder, and most of the time I've been walking around with one hairy and one shaved leg. If I'm honest with myself I guess I've been struggling a bit, not majorly, but enough to keep me in a semi-zombie state. And I am lucky. I have help. And a supportive husband. And I haven't started work yet. I do not know how people manage without help, having to work etc. Maybe they don't, I dunno.

I was supposed to start rehearsal on a new play (4 of them actually!) on Monday but we've been a bit delayed. I'm hoping early August. While I saw away having babies the actors have been travelling around the country on all the major bus routes performing Invisible Theatre (did I tell you this already?) Its been going really well, so much so that we've been asked to continue. And add another element. I'm really excited about this.

And the Zambian actors are performing in Korea as we speak! Veryvery exciting. Oh to be a fly on the wall!

Bugger, gotta dash.......