Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random things - mostly kid related

Okay so I've been stalling at this blogging thing. I have so many little snippets of things I could write flitting about in my brain, but when I sit down and try to package them into clever witty little posts they just blow away like dry dandelions on a windy day (do you know how many attempts that was to spell dandelion? Oh dear!)

So I won't try and be witty and clever. I'll just write. Alright?

Sorting through the vaaast number of my kids' clothes the other day, I realised that I have not bought a single stitch of clothing for my second child. Or my first for that matter. Well, for Lara I may have bought about 4 or 5 items in her whole life. But Tom? Not even one! But look how many clothes they have!
Top shelf Tom, bottom shelf Lara - see how many blue things Tom has and how many pink things Lara has. It's a funny old world! And yes, the clothes are two deep, in case you can't see from there.

This is not to say I'm hugely popular or that my friends are ridiculously generous (actually they are!) just that there is a great hand-me-down system happening in this town. Maybe its the same everywhere in the world, but I love that almost all these clothes have gone through at least 3 different children, sometimes more. Every often someone will come up and say "oh, that used to be my son's t-shirt!" And usually that person is not the one who gave me the t-shirt. For example the other day Lara was wearing a pair of shoes that were given to me by Kim who got them from Joe who got them from a friend in the UK who got them from someone else. And I will pass them on to Mink. I love that! Another friend has a little crib that she got as a hand me down and has passed it on and every baby that has slept in it has had their name written on it - there were at least 60 names! Actually I can't remember how many names but I remember being staggered at the number!

So that's baby clothes, a terribly interesting topic.

And here is some art work by my extremely talented and awesome child, just gone 3. Or maybe I'm just biased, I dunno.


The top one is a hedgehog, the next one is me, and the bottom one is a nervous man. Why is he nervous? Because he just trod in the mud.  

And Invisible Theatre? Some of you have asked. Indeed. We're working on a nationwide children's rights campaign and I have 7 teams of actors - 3 per team - travelling on the major bus routes of the country. They pretend to be normal passengers and they have a loose script tat they follow. A discussion/argument about children's rights which drag all the other passengers into the debate. It's been very fiery and interesting and effective and fun. More on that soon.

So. There. That's it for now. Oh oh, haven't done the picture window for an age. Let me do that now.

Look how beeg that tree has got!