Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Floods and 9 month olds

A few years ago, just before we moved from Zambia, we had floods at home. I wrote about it here. My family lives on an ox-bow lagoon that floods every rainy season. And this particular year the water kept rising. And rising.

And rising.

And as the water started lapping at the front step we were amazed but thought it couldn’t possibly rise any further. But it did. It licked the front step and then seemed to think ’what the heck’ and came into the house, without so much as a ‘hodi, may I come in?’ And so we moved any mats and carpets we had and books low on the bookshelves up onto the coffee tables and thought ‘there, it won’t get any higher than that.

But it did.


It went from just covering our toes to ankle deep to mid calf deep. Once it started to reach the top of the coffee tables we moved everything up to the next level. Up onto the dining table went the books and everything else.

And still the water rose. Because of the crocodiles we’d have to boat from one house to the next to move everything up to the next level.


And I’m reminded about this again now that my son has started to crawl. When he was just a blob we could plonk him on the floor with a few toys and we’d all be happy.

But now.

Up to the coffee table go those glass lanterns. Up the fridge go the magnetic letters.

This worked for a few days.

And now he pulls himself up to standing on the coffee table. Up up up goes everything.


Angela said...

Best to put everything in a net and hang it from the ceiling.

Janelle said...

LOVE the metaphor...! it's zactly right darling! and your wee one is a strong boy...wait til he starts walking then you'll have to post about hurricanes or something..love xxx

tam said...

Ha, janelle's right. We call ours Hurricane Josef. Those days when the house looks it's had one of those sweeping through. And now Jo's favourite thing to say is "I need a ladder" so he get into the medicine cabinet, etc, etc...

Linda Sue said...

Hmmm time to tie the babes legs together- I think there was a good reason to keep babes in buntings, good reason for papoose cradle...your flood looks terrifying, knowing the damage water can do- we have had FOUR!

JoeinVegas said...

Yup, and the flood and the child will probably do equal damage.

family Affairs said...

Unbelievable - and same applies here - lots of flooding going on all over the place. Lx