Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Non-existent Off Button

The thing about me is this. Once I start doing something, once I get something between my teeth I cannot stop. This is not necessarily a good thing.

If there is chocolate in the house I cannot rest until it has all been eaten up. Please secretly buy a bottle of nutella and hide it from me, I asked Mark the other day.

If I start a book I have to know that I have nothing else happening in my life at the time that can’t be neglected (my poor husband. My poor children…)

It was like that with my blog for a while. I wrote and wrote and wrote. As you can see the novelty wore off.

So I’ve had the first two series of Downton Abby that I borrowed from a friend waiting on my shelf. Waiting. Because I’ve been rehearsing and busy and not trusting myself with it. And now rehearsals are winding up, I’ve got a bit more free time. So the other day I thought “ah, just one episode” And now I cannot. Stop.


Lemon Gloria said...

Miranda, my dear, I am very much like this. And the truth is, after watching each season twice, I still want Downton Abbey playing on a continuous loop in our house. I totally would, too, but Nick won't let me.

Nicola said...

Oh, goodness - you could be writing about me! :)

Robyn said...

yeah, am with you-downton abbey life is much better than the real one-just go with it!

Shiny said...

I, too. Addicted. Didn't leave home for two days and then felt utterly bereft that it was over. Season three is on in the UK, though! Yippee! I'm just waiting for it to finish so I can get the full season and be completely gluttonous (sp?), watching them all at once xx

JoeinVegas said...

Watch a few times, then all you'll want is the next season.