Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh what's the point!

This seems to be the first time in months that I’ve actually had a moment to sit still and breathe. Sit still without having furiously pedaling the current of Things To Be Done. Without children clattering at my feet, tax returns needing to be done (still not done actually. I figure I’m already 6 months late, what difference does it make now. It does I know but….)

I can quickly, quietly and calmly


For all of 12 minutes.

I am heading to the wide plains of the Serengeti in an hour. Just for the weekend. My man has some work to do up there and we’ve managed to tag along for the ride. Can’t wait.

I’m starting school again in Jan. A postgrad degree to become a teacher. Gulp.

Oh look, that was less than 12 minutes. Child is clamouring again, can’t focus.

More soon! (If you believe that then…well…I dunno)