Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Excitement in a small town

Every corner you turned in the last few days you'll have heard talk of The Big Plane on the Small Runway.

'It was an emergency landing, they were running out of fuel'
'They got diverted to the wrong airport'
'The pilot got the wrong airstrip, he was meant to land at Kilimanjaro but turned the wrong way'
'There was a broken down plane at Kilimanjaro, he had to land here'
'I spoke to so-and-so who was on the plane...'
'I heard the comms between the pilot and the tower and....'

etc etc etc. Everyone a different story, everyone the expert.

The long and the short of it is that I was driving past the little airport on my way home the other day and saw this. No double take necessary. BAM, there she was! She stood out like a steak at a vegan party.(Vegans have parties? I hear you ask....Hmmm)

(This pic courtesy of umm, I forget - off the internet. Thanks and hope you don't mind whoever you are!)

This little airport usually services very light very small aircraft for tourists going to the Ngorongoro Crater or the Serengeti or Zanzibar. Planes like this

As I drove up the hill to our house I could still see it....

I believe what happened was that there was indeed a broken down plane on the runway at Kili. The pilot (of the big plane) was told to circle in the holding area and when he was told that it was clear to land he went the wrong way, and landed here instead of Kili.... I guess a full investigation will take place as to what actually happened.

Aaaanyway, the CROWDS of people for the next few days was unbelievable! It is usually a very quiet little road, gently ambling past the mountain but for the two days that the plane was on the ground was like Glastonbury or something. Without the rain.

The 200 plus passengers were stuck on the aircraft for 3 hours or so since there was no stairs big enough to get the off! Eventually they used the emergency slide I believe. 

There was much speculation as to how the plane was actually going to take off since the runway is way to short for a plane of that size. Rumour was they were going to take off at 6 in the morning. So I went over to the neighbour's house at dawn to watch. Keen eh? I have a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

 See Mt Meru in the foreground and Kilimanjaro behind?


There's kili. See the plane bottom left? 

In the end she didn't take off until noon, so I missed it as I had to be in town (I HATE missing out on this sort of thing!) There were more than 1000 people watching apparently and lots of friends videoed it so I didn't feel toooo left out! 

Here's a couple of vids from youtube here and here

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Oh hi there. Hello?


Agh, that's okay, I didn't expect a response anyway.

Hey, guess what? I'm on holiday! For a whooole month. And also guess what? I'm now a qualified teacher! (Hence the holiday!). Did I tell you that I've been studying to become a teacher? I know I've been super quiet this year. I've missed this spot. My little brain spill place. Ugh, that sounds gruesome. You know what I mean though, right?

I've just had a look at my sidebar thingy on my blog and see an alarming pattern. I started blogging in 2008.
2008 -  97 posts
2009 - 80 posts
2010 - 52 posts
2011 - 45 posts
2012 - 16 posts
2013 - 5 posts.

Must do better. Because I like it here.

This time last year I wrote a summary of my 2012. I wrote about how we had to drive up to Nairobi for my little 3 month old boy to have an operation on his temple. It was a small op, very routine (for a little blood vessel that had popped out of his skin and bled and bled and bled and bled), but it ripped my insides out having to see him go under general anesthetic. I wrote about ummmm, I can't remember what else I said actually  - 2012 seems such a long way away!

Anyway, I had this post ready on my computer to send next time we had internet access (we were in Zanzibar). On New Year's eve, though, my computer got redistributed. A 'very naughty man', to quote my daughter, cut the gauze to the little house we were staying in and dragged my computer and camera out the window with a very long stick. I love how kids interpret the world. The next morning we were looking at his tracks in the sand, reenacting the scene, having fun being detectives. This is the shard of glass he used to cut the gauze. This is the stick he used to drag the computer. These are the marks in the door where he must have used a crowbar to try and prize the door open. Lara however, was telling everyone that a very very tall green monster had tried to bite through the door with his teeth!

My point of this is that the 2012 recap of the year went with the computer. I'm fine with that.

So now for 2013. Shew, I've already written quite a lot though, haven't I? Let me save this for another day.