Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Oh hi there. Hello?


Agh, that's okay, I didn't expect a response anyway.

Hey, guess what? I'm on holiday! For a whooole month. And also guess what? I'm now a qualified teacher! (Hence the holiday!). Did I tell you that I've been studying to become a teacher? I know I've been super quiet this year. I've missed this spot. My little brain spill place. Ugh, that sounds gruesome. You know what I mean though, right?

I've just had a look at my sidebar thingy on my blog and see an alarming pattern. I started blogging in 2008.
2008 -  97 posts
2009 - 80 posts
2010 - 52 posts
2011 - 45 posts
2012 - 16 posts
2013 - 5 posts.

Must do better. Because I like it here.

This time last year I wrote a summary of my 2012. I wrote about how we had to drive up to Nairobi for my little 3 month old boy to have an operation on his temple. It was a small op, very routine (for a little blood vessel that had popped out of his skin and bled and bled and bled and bled), but it ripped my insides out having to see him go under general anesthetic. I wrote about ummmm, I can't remember what else I said actually  - 2012 seems such a long way away!

Anyway, I had this post ready on my computer to send next time we had internet access (we were in Zanzibar). On New Year's eve, though, my computer got redistributed. A 'very naughty man', to quote my daughter, cut the gauze to the little house we were staying in and dragged my computer and camera out the window with a very long stick. I love how kids interpret the world. The next morning we were looking at his tracks in the sand, reenacting the scene, having fun being detectives. This is the shard of glass he used to cut the gauze. This is the stick he used to drag the computer. These are the marks in the door where he must have used a crowbar to try and prize the door open. Lara however, was telling everyone that a very very tall green monster had tried to bite through the door with his teeth!

My point of this is that the 2012 recap of the year went with the computer. I'm fine with that.

So now for 2013. Shew, I've already written quite a lot though, haven't I? Let me save this for another day.

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Mud said...

I'm still here and still love to hear how you are! So much has happened and yet so much remains the same. Time for a full 2013 update I think!