Monday, January 28, 2013

The big Re-tox

Doing a detox in January is SO 90s. I even managed to rope a couple of people into joining me. We started on Monday and by Wednesday we were all SO over it!

On Wednesday evening I wrote on the fridge with those magnetic letters

'Detox be damned'

and I woke up on Thursday morning to

'Retox cmaaaaaan!'

So on Thursday we ate meat and chocolate and drank copious amounts of beer and wine. Just to make up for lost time.

Have you noticed I've started talking like a teenager? I'm doing a teacher training course this year and the past two weeks I've been following around secondary school students in their classes. Those poor kids, man. Can you remember it? School is sooooo boring. From one lesson to the next, hard chairs, watching the clock until the next lesson. It's good to remember this. There must be another solution, surely? I sat in some Maths classes and all of it went COMpletely over my head! I must have studied Algebra but I remember NOTHING - was completely outdone by a bunch of 13 year olds!

Aaanyway, so this teacher training course will either mean you'll see even less of me than you have been these days or much more as I should be writing assignemts etc. Procrastination is a strength of mine.

On that note. Better dash.