Monday, April 7, 2014

Holey novel, holey road

I'm sure most of us have got an unwritten or half finished novel itching under our skin. I know I am not unique in this. I should take heed of that thing that was going around Facebook a while ago. Rules for writing a novel. 
Think of an idea for a novel.
Write it
 or summin like that anyway. 

Mine is very much like the road that is being built near our house at the moment. They started off with great enthusiasm and gusto. All the equipment, the planning - with their funny little dumpie levels and lumo jackets. They made diversions and brought in lorry loads of gravel and cement and tar. And then it all started crumbling. The enthusiasm lagged. The diversions got so waterlogged people had to drive on the half finished road, buggering up all the work that had been done so far. They've done some very good sections (even tidied up the sides of the road when they've finished) yet there are stretches that are still muddy and bumpy and all dug up. They're getting there though, soon it will be finished I'm sure. I'm not sure what they're going to do when they get to our turn off, right by a karongo where they can't make a diversion. Maybe they have a plan. Maybe it'll come to them at the last minute. 

I'm hoping the same can be said for my very unfinished book (with a couple of completed sections somewhere in the middle). I am reminded of it every time I drive the road tho, so maybe that's the impetus I need to keep going. We'll see. 


Janelle said...

yes. get it done. i shall come and drink tea at yours and write mine then you can come and drink tea at mine and write yours and then we can procrastinate and watch the sunbirds in the aloes and then it'll be time for another the road. xxx

Lemon Gloria said...

Just write it! This is what I keep telling myself. I believe it will work one of these days. Just write it!